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About Me[edit]

Hello. I am Skylar3214, a Wikipedia user, but you can simply call me "Skylar". Now that I am using Wikipedia again, I can check any errors on any page for this website, and edit them, not to be drawn by curiosity. If anybody has questions about what I explained, type in a question on my talk page. Thank you, and I hope you give me interesting questions. If you do so, I'll give you interesting answers as soon as possible. I might be busy a lot, but if anybody gives me a question, I'll make a decision to answer them anytime. And please do not make any legal threats or start any edit wars on my talk page, which are of course not allowed, as they will be removed from my talk page. And also, please do not put that I am stubborn for things on my talk page, for those who tell me that I am. It will not be allowed on my talk page or any on the other articles because I will remove them. And please, do not put "Ostrich" on my talk page, or it will be removed immediately, if you decide to put it on my talk page. I will personally take them as negative messages or threats, or as offensive messages. And one last thing, keep your noses clean and stay out of other people's businesses, and out of mine, as long as I keep my own nose clean and stay out of yours. I will not tolerate that kind of issue anymore. Unless if it's really necessary for you to get involved with anything that you want to talk about, please leave a message on my talk page. As long as you don't offend me, I won't offend you. If that happens, then it'll change. Alas, I have no authority over any editor or administrator on Wikipedia and I will not get involved with things unless if it's absolutely necessary. And perhaps nobody got my message. For the last time, it's nobody's business, and it never will be! Please do not ignore my warnings, or it's going to get ugly, if you do. And also, stay out of other people's businesses and quit invading their properties or privacy so that nothing will get ugly here, and stay out of mine, as long as I stay out of yours. Never ridicule me again with nothing that I know about. Thank you, and please keep your messages on my talk page that's more positive only! Do not be so negative about things that you, or that I, know nothing about. I will remove them, if you continue with your negativity, complaints, excuses, lies, and having your noses dirty instead of clean, meaning getting involved with things that you know nothing about. And most of all, no need to say anything on my talk page history. Just leave it blank, as usual. I would appreciate it. Unless if you have something nice to say, then put it on there instead. And it's only user space, people! It's not gonna kill you to just leave yourselves out of it, and to stay away from it! I mean it this time.

P.S.: I went to Safford High School for 3 years, started in August 2011, and officially graduated in May 2014. What I'm pursuing now is a rap and singing career, plus to be an all-time voice actor, which will take me awhile to figure out how I'm going to be famous one day. I've made mashups as a self producer, formerly known as "X-ecution" by simply using Mixpad, which really works out quite well for me. Now, I'm making remixes of songs by other bands, while I'm now known as "Vladimir".

  • Gender: Male


Here are the following articles I've created on this website:

If you got any resources for a new article with no topic covered, make sure to leave them on my talk page. I will look at every one of the links to see if they are reliable or not. Thank you.