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Product type Environmental consulting platform
Owner Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.
Country United States
Introduced 2011
Markets World
Registered as a trademark in United States

OptiRTC is a broad suite of computing services developed by Geosyntec Consultants that provide data monitoring and automated control solutions for a range of environmental and civil engineering applications. OptiRTC is built to aggregate data from a range of sources, including distributed field sensors, Internet-accessible data, and infrastructure monitoring-and-control systems such as PLCs.[1]


OptiRTC (Optimized Real Time Consulting) was first introduced in 2011 by Geosyntec Consultants as a fourth-generation SCADA platform. It was originally conceptualized as OptiStorm[2] -- an internet based controller for rainwater harvesting systems. The intent of OptiStorm was to help mitigate the effects of combined sewage overflows by combining the local precipitation forecast with the known system parameters (e.g. volume of water in the cistern) to discharge water in advance of the storm and reduce peak runoff. However, the capabilities of OptiStorm rapidly developed as an industrial automation and real-time control platform and the name was changed to OptiRTC.


The basis for the OptiRTC platform uses the combination of cloud computing and the internet of things to greatly enhance the capability and visibility of civil and environmental systems.[3]


Currently, OptiRTC operates as a monitoring and control platform in wide range of systems including[4]:


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