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Steven Slater in his late 40’s and lives in southend Essex, UK. He is educated to college level, He owns a computer. He has read books. He has also seen some films.

He belongs to no political parties, but supports Labour. He believes that political parties are fundamentally un-democratic, but supports Labour. He distrusts single issue protest groups (of any kind, but especially those who are so childish as to vandalize Wikipedia user pages) and considers all forms of censorship and political restriction the anathema of Freedom (Expect telling outright lies). He believes you campaign against ideas not people (organisations are not people). He is (conversely) a Monarchist, but supports Labour . He is a member of Rochford Councils Public consultation group, but supports Labour.

He has never jumped off of a plane for any reason.

He has no religious affiliations. He is an agnostic.

He is un-married, and has no children (to his knowledge).

He is an SF (except of the work of Tom Kratman) and horror fan and plays with toy solders.

Tom Kratman has claimed that Mr Slater has,

despite his self-stated belief that one should campaign against ideas and not people, chosen to baselessly attack Tom Kratman over comments that Mr. Kratman made after becoming aware of a 2015 Hugo Award nomination.[1]

In response to Mr Slaters inclusion of accusations made by third parties on his bio page. Mr Kratman obviously thinks Mr Slaters opinions are of note.

The Daily Mail consider his opinions worthy of note [2].

He has no pets, none of whom are called Algenon. He does however own a Plush Cthulhu, which the Daily Mail dose not consider of note.

He is not always 100% honest but he is an angel of fallacy.