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A typical scene at GigaFrag.

GigaFrag is a regular LAN gaming party in Visalia, California. It was founded in 2002 by Daved Kuns to help give the many Central Valley gamers a chance to "frag" each other.


GigaFrag is hosted roughly five times a year in Visalia. The admission fee is $20.00. It is possible to pre-register on the GigaFrag website and even prepay to reserve your position. The first five people to sign up for the next event each receive a free bottle of Bawls energy drink. Players generally arrive in the afternoon and play games until morning. Snacks are offered and some are available for free, depending on the item. A lot of items are donated by GigaFrag's sponsors in order to spread the word, and are either raffled off or given away.


Altogether, GigaFrag has held almost thirty events over the past several years. [1] Up until 2006, GigaFrag was all about individuals coming to play games. Since then, it's become a massive combination of individuals and teams of players for multiple games who compete to be the best. Professional teams have also made appearances at numerous events. Cash and computer-related items are given to winners of the numerous tournaments, along with their pictures being displayed on the main page of the GigaFrag web site, giving players all the more reason to try their hardest.


The gigadawg, which is a hot dog, one of which is given to players upon the entry purchase. Additional gigadawgs may be purchased at the concession stand. Building a tower out of Bawls energy drink bottles has also found its way into becoming a tradition. A third tradition is the raffle which is conducted at a certain point during the night. Prizes range from monitors to professional gaming mice to stickers. Raffle tickets are given to each player upon entry, and additional tickets may be purchased. People who buy a lot of tickets, aptly nicknamed "raffle hackers," tend to win a lot of prizes.


A lot of games are played at GigaFrag either competitively or just for fun. A small portion of the more popular games include:


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