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My name is Shawn Ligocki. This page is mostly used by me to organize some things that I do or am interested in, but feel free to explore if you like or leave me a message on my talk page.


Bases Pages[edit]

See discussion here

Articles about various numerical bases to cleanup, merge, delete and deal with:

Notes for powerusers[edit]

Wikipedia is great for simple editing, but once you want to do some more complicated work, the tools are often hidden. Here are some tools I've found:

Haven't tried

Just found out about:

Don't even understand yet:

Programming philosophies[edit]

Things that smart people have said (or the young trade of programming has produced), that might be worth considering


  • Goto statement considered harmful

Free up images in Comparison of rapid transit systems[edit]

Apparently some of these logos are copyrighted, I'm working on fixing that. See Talk:Comparison of rapid transit systems

Cleanup hatnotes[edit]

There are a lot of hatnotes with numbered names, like {{otheruses4}}, that are cryptic and unnecessarily complicated for newcomers. They ought to be cleaned.

What's been done:

  • {{otheruses4}} -> {{about}}
  • Work on documentation and Wikipedia style suggestions and help pages to suggest the use of {{about}}, {{otheruses}} and {{for}}.
  • Get rid of redundant templates from documentation (e.g. {{otheruses1}} and {{otheruses3}} -- which can be replaced directly by {{about}} and {{otheruses}})
  • Suggest redirect for these



Things I like[edit]

Amusing things about Wikipedia shamelessly stolen from User:The Thing That Should Not Be:

Paper's I'd like to get ahold of[edit]

  • Hardy, G.H. (1904), "A theorem concerning the infinite cardinal numbers", Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, 35: 87–94  (Introduced the Hardy hierarchy)
  • Löb, M.H. and Wainer, S.S. (1970), "Hierarchies of number theoretic functions", Arch. Math. Logik, 13. Correction, Arch. Math. Logik, 14, 1971. (Introduced the fast-growing hierarchy)
  • Buchholz, W., and Wainer, S.S (1987). "Provably Computable Functions and the Fast Growing Hierarchy". Logic and Combinatorics, edited by S. Simpson, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 65, AMS, 179-198.