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User:Slysplace Slysplace is a semi-anonymous Wikipedian with an (occasional) multitude of interests and odd knowledge who insists his writing to be edited mercilessly.

Although I often use automated tools I am not an admin, a bot or bot operator (nor do I wish to be) and occasionally do fix and write things manually.

There are currently 5,481,237 articles on English Wikipedia. Which one are you concerned about?

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User:Slysplace Wiki Projects

I haven't necessarily joined all of these, but do participate or have participated in the following projects:

  • NFL : The kind of project that REALLY makes you wonder why you began to edit anyway...
  • NHL : another massive draft series undertaking I'm not sure why I took on!
  • Photography : More of a source of reference for me as an avid amateur photographer but rarely do I help it.
  • Florida : Of interest to me as my home state and I like to vacation in my backyard.
  • Tropical Cyclones : I deal with them all day every day, editing seems a COI.
  • Woodworking : I've read most if not all of this, cleaned up some of it.
  • Guitarists : I no longer play so at best I've assisted in luthier stubs cleanup.

User:Slysplace Wikipedia editing tools, notes, tags, and templates

Some tools, links, tags and templates I keep here for quick access

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