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Sometimes some things here are confusing. Confusion at Wikipedia is not simply a lack of clarity; it is a specific problem, arising from the occurrence sometimes of differing premises and differing styles and goals.

Talk page dialogues[edit]

Sometimes talk page dialogues become confusing.

Possible causes of confusion[edit]

  • Sometimes editors may not be sure which reply was directed at which comment.

Possible remedies to various causes[edit]

  • One possible remedy is to create new sub-section breaks to make things clearer. Break out a new section if you comment doesn't flow well from others'.
  • Address the editor you intended to address by name. If the editor made multiple comments, quote the date of the relevant comment. If the comments were at all complicated, copy them and quote explicitly with each point that you wish to make.
  • You can also move your own comments up or down to make the flow of dialogue more clear. (dubious, sounds like interfering with an existing flow, and this may confuse others)
  • Sometimes talk page comments become tangential to the article. To refocus, try making a relevant edit to the article that reflects your best guess of what others would support.