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I am currently 21 years old, and a graduate student at the University of Delhi. I'm in my Third years researching Web Designing, specifically Adobe Master. I first edited an Website in August of 2009, and started contributing on a regular basis in the wee days of August.

I haven't contributed actively in a little while. If you want my opinion on something, or my help with anything, please contact me through one of the channels listed below.

My nickname is a Ashu term, at least in Delhi, India, for a somewhat cocky smart person. I don't like it very much anymore, but I don't want to bother changing it.

My email address is ivg in the immediate vicinity of berkeley very small spot edu email-address harvesting software must die. ('110027' is my ZIP code. When I got this email address, Gmail suggested that I be either dev.ashu1990, so I decided to go with a number I could remember.) You may also SWD at brainybuffoon, GIM me at dev.ashu1990, or ICQ me at 9953607971. (I don't let people add me to their ICQ contact lists without authorization. If you request to add me, please mention Wikipedia.)

I've been too lazy to look at the the steady stream of obscure Wikipolicy that seems to be an inevitable byproduct of Wikiwork. If I break any rules, though, please do tell me.

Whenever I see an article, think that it needs a lot of work, and think that I'm capable of performing this work with at least an average level of competence, I put it on my To-do list.

I've written an essay. I've called it "A rewrite a day keeps the critics at bay".

WikiProjects for which I've signed up:

Some contributions of note[edit]

Here I list articles which I significantly helped to write (this usually means that I wrote a pageful or more, as seen at a decently high screen resolution). This list notably ignores cleanup work.

Images that I have authored and uploaded[edit]

All images, except for some technical diagrams containing text, are hosted on Wikimedia Commons. The diagrams were created using Micrografx Designer. Just ask me if you want a modified version of anything.

Technical diagrams
Outdoor equipment
Photos of places I've been

Relicensing nonsense[edit]

I was recently informed about a rather ironic situation. We all thought that our contributions to Wikipedia were freely released, but there's a rather hairy issue involving noncompatibility of the vaunted GFDL with other licenses used by other allegedly free information repositories. It's a bloody mess, so in an effort to resolve my small part of it once and for all, I'm attaching this little note to my user page.

Released into public domain
I agree to release my text and image contributions, unless otherwise stated, into the public domain. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under public domain terms, please check the multi-licensing guide.

List of subpages, lest I forget: