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About me

When I have the time I like to create, expand and copyedit articles on a range of topics, and enjoy learning about new stuff along the way. Some of my article contributions are listed here. I also help with anti-vandalism work (see here for instance), and the removal of spam and irredeemably unencyclopaedic articles, and enjoy learning a little more about human behaviour thereby. Details of my commitment to Wikipedia as an administrator are here.

About Wikipedia

The English Wikipedia has 133,970 active editors, out of 27,479,719 accounts that have been registered. Countless people have edited without using an account. There are 1,316 administrators, of whom about 600 are active. Together we have made 813,427,258 edits to 38,494,805 pages, of which just 5,077,875 are articles – so a lot goes on behind the scenes.

The Signpost
3 February 2016
Sippers and Topers c1900 Stone.jpg
When I started editing here I looked like the guy on the right...

Viejos comiendo sopa.jpg
... ten years later.

Admins can help with: Entries
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Requested edits 161
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... user requested 18
... empty pages 6
... nonsense pages 0
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