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Hi, I'm SmashTheGlass. I enjoy shooting watermelons and old electronic equipment with my WASR-10 and Bushmaster M4 clone, but seeing as how I live in South Philly, I mostly end up shooting paper targets at the local range. Drinking, porn, sex, doing pushups/lifting dumbells, chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking black coffee while staring at the wall and blasting punk rock, and playing ridiculously long grand strategy games on my computer are my other big hobbies. Oh, and struggling to pay bills on the meager salary I earn from my stressful job is another awesome hobby I have. I'm a staunch union man.

I also enjoy challenging people's ideas and conventional wisdom, as well as challenging arbitrary or illegitimate authority and exercises thereof. Therefore, I can almost guarantee many of Wikipedia's self-appointed ideological (both left and right) and policy guardians (read: bureaucrats) will detest me and quickly find a way to block me. Yes, I am this confrontational, weird, obnoxious and nasty in real life too. Enjoy! Or don't, I really don't care.