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RFA Criteria

Note: these are my opinions. You may disagree with them. If you would like to comment on them (or any of my !votes for that matter), I'd love to hear your views.

  • Answer Question 1 good. One should say that they are going to do something that they actually have a lot of experience in.
  • Answer the optional questions. I like to see confident and knowledgeable answers from potential administrators.
  • PLEASE use edit summaries. I find it a serious struggle to support candidates who do not habitually use edit summaries.
  • In regard to deletions, especially speedies: if one does not notify the author of an article that the former nominated for speedy deletion, I will probably oppose them. Personally, as someone who has created several smaller articles, I find deletion tagging without author notification to be really nonconstructive to the project.
  • If one has had a block in the last year, in most circumstances I will not support their RfA... at that point in time.
  • I do not care how many failed RfA's one has had. With that said, if old mistakes are not being taken care of, it will influence my vote toward opposing.

RfA's seem like a pretty stressful deal, so best of luck!

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