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My talk page[edit]

Hello all - I'm not really sure what needs to go on a page like this, so I'll wing it for now and may change things later.

About me: I'm a bit of a SPAG stickler, so will often be found editing those sort of mistakes; the kind of thing people don't necessarily notice, but I do and that's what counts! I've also got a ridiculously good memory for trivia, so without being big-headed if I remember something, I've remembered it correctly (otherwise I'll forget it altogether!) I think it's important to get things right and if I spot a mistake I'll change it. Where I can I'll provide citations as I think verification is important, but at the same time I'm sensible about it; if I see a 'citation needed' tag next to a statement saying 'rain is wet' I'll remove it without any qualms...

Lastly and by no means least, I think Wikipedia should be fun. I understand what's important and will choose real life over a website every time! I also have very little time for the kind of user who will stomp their feet if I break a rule, yet happily go against the spirit of Wikipedia themselves to a) make me look bad and b) 'big themselves up' - you know who you are!!!