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Favourite Pages
Spore (game)
Burnout Revenge
Peter Corey
Coping With
Nintendo Revolution
Broken News
Look Around You
Page Creations
Coping With
Chester Mail
Chester Chronicle
Chester Evening Leader
Chester General rail crash
Chester Jets
Northgate Arena
Countess of Chester Hospital
The Day Britain Stopped
Chester Racecourse?
Preparing for Emergencies?
Scummy Man
British Rail flying saucer?
Transport (typeface)?
Dogs Trust?
Vindaloo (single)?
Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals
A8(M) motorway (Northern Ireland)?
Nuclear power by country
M4 Toll?
Roald Dahl Plass?
Funeral train?
Grosvenor Bridge (Chester)?
Bird control spike?
Eastgate Clock?
Chester city walls?
Kasongo Ilunga?
Canford Cliffs?
Winter service vehicle?
Chester Roman Amphitheatre?
Road maintenance depot?
Loose wheel nut indicator?
Mandatory sign?
Road slipperiness?
Advisory speed limit?
Direction, position, or indication sign?
? indicates DYK: current count is 27
Nuclear power by country is now a Featured List and Winter service vehicle is now a Featured Article!
Major Contributions
Peter Corey
Dead Ringers (comedy)
Dr. Gustav Sebald
Burnout 2: Point of Impact
Burnout 3: Takedown
Burnout Revenge
Broken News
My Contributions
Image Uploads
The Laxey Wheel Manx phone box
Laxey Wheel Manx Phonebox
Manx steam locomotive Manx electric train
Manx steam loco Manx electric loco
Eastgate clock Chester Racecourse
Eastgate Clock Chester Racecourse
Eastgate clock Chester Racecourse
FIFA World Cup winners FIFA World Cup hosts
Commercial nuclear power by nation Map of the world by beer consumption
Commercial nuclear power Beer consumption by nation
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Edit 100: Wikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous (diff)
Edit 500: Springfield (The Simpsons) (diff)
Edit 1000: V.F.D. (diff)
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Edit 2000: Vladimir Lenin (diff)
Edit 3000: List of on-screen clichés (diff)
Signature tutorial
Art experiment
I am currently a member of three WikiProjects:
WikiProject British TV Channels
WikiProject British TV shows
WikiProject A Series of Unfortunate Events
Vital Articles
This is a list of articles I have found (and still find!) very useful:
Help:Table - I can never remember the syntax properly, and this page works so very well!
Help:Formula - Likewise, <math> is complex too. I wonder why it isn't <maths>...
Wikipedia:Reference Desk - Need a question answering? This is place!
Wikipedia:Help Desk - The people who work on this never get mad, even after I posted a shoddy piece of HTML and asked why it didn't work.
Special:Random - Great fun! But why does it always link to Canadian politians?
Wikipedia:Don't stuff beans up your nose - Always good advice...
A big Thank You to all these pages and the people who edit them!
My To-Do
Google Search & Rescue vandalised pages.
I'll do this when I get around to it.
This is pretty important; I should do it soon
Very important; most probably already in progress
!!! Drop everything! I must do this right away!
Won Designed
For your generous contributions to the Wikipedia, and the Esperanza communities, I, KnowledgeOfSelf, award you this Barnstar of Diligence.
From KOS

I, D-Day, give the Tireless Contributor's barnstar for successfully redesigning my userpage! --D-Day 14:19, 12 February 2006 (UTC)

From D-Day

Thank you for all the help, I am in debt to you. Cheers, Highway Rainbow Sneakers 17:08, 5 June 2006 (UTC))

From HighwayCello
For great contributions to the template namespace.
Template Barnstar
For great contributions to business and economics articles.
Business Barnstar

For his several fabby entrants to DYK, (I cannot believe that there wasn't a Dogs Trust article!) I awared Smur this shiny medal. Wear it with pride, Highway Rainbow Sneakers 22:23, 10 June 2006 (UTC)

From HighwayCello

I award Smur this barnstar for getting Nuclear power by country to featured level! Highway Batman! 16:00, 11 July 2006 (UTC)

From HighwayCello

award this Barnstar to Smurrayinchester for being bold in creating the Constellation Barnstar.--Ed, 18:57, 3 August 2006 (UTC)

From Ed
For great contributions to Philadelphia articles.
Liberty Star

For helping me pass my GI subspecialist exams, I award Smurrayinchester this barnstar.  Thanks for your HD assistance! Samir धर्म 06:46, 4 November 2006

From Samir धर्म
For your work in general but especially winter service vehicle.
From Dan100
For a long time, I thought of making a signature tutorial but was too lazy... Just stumbled upon a very nice one by you...
From Lostintherush
For your work in getting many articles to DYK so people like me can see them. KeepOnTruckin 22:10, 27 September 2007 (UTC)
From KeepOnTruckin
Awarded to Smurrayinchester to helping DYK rolling along with more traffic articles. Blnguyen (bananabucket) 06:21, 5 November 2007 (UTC)
From Blnguyen