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Charles Armand Tuffin, marquis de la Rouërie (April 1757 - January 1793), also known in the United States as Colonel Armand, was a French cavalry officer who served under the American flag during the American war of independence and as one of the initial leaders of the Breton conjuration during the French Revolution.

American Revolution[edit]

Commanded Armand's Legion of the Continental Army in the Battle of Camden, Battle of Guilford Court House and Battle of Yorktown.

Here, I feel a translation of the French article (along with its sister article, Association Bretonne, probably as a part of the Chouannerie article) might be enough, maybe with some tweaking (the french wiki always needs some tweaking)

Armand Tuffin, Charles Armand Tuffin, Charles Armand Tuffin, Charles Armand, Tuffin