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About me[edit]


Nuvola apps personal.png My name is Michal Maňas. (I edit under my real name.)

Nuvola Czech flag.svg I am Czech.

Gnome-home.svg: Olomouc

Nuvola emblem-favorite.svg Interests: malacology, , Camera-photo.svg, Wikify logo.svg, Ubuntu, BOINC logo July 2007.svg BOINC projects ...

Nuvola camera.svg My few galleries of various subjects (at Commons)

  • I do not own multiple Wikipedia accounts and I never had them.
  • I do understand copyright.
  • I try to make low number of edits to keep the Page history brief.
  • I try to use the Best available technologies (BAT), but strictly within the limits of Wikipedia policies, Wikipedia guidelines and within the spirit of them to keep the Wikipedia standardized as much as possible.
  • I edit gastropod related articles mainly/only.
  • I maintain Portal:Gastropods.
  • Feel free to contact me anytime with Wikipedia email or via my email (if you know that) or via other ways (if you know them).


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