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Nuvola apps personal.png My name is Michal Maňas. (I edit under my real name.)

Nuvola Czech flag.svg I am Czech.

Gnome-home.svg: Olomouc

Nuvola emblem-favorite.svg Interests: malacology, , Camera-photo.svg, Wikify logo.svg, Ubuntu, BOINC logo July 2007.svg SETI@home [1], Rosetta@home [2] ...

Nuvola camera.svg My few galleries of various subjects (at Commons)

Nuvola apps biology.png My gallery of biology subjects (at Commons)

  • I do not own multiple Wikipedia accounts and I never had them.
  • I do understand copyright.
  • I try to make low number of edits to keep the Page history brief.
  • I try to use the Best available technologies (BAT), but strictly within the limits of Wikipedia policies, Wikipedia guidelines and within the spirit of them to keep the Wikipedia standardized as much as possible.
  • I edit gastropod related articles mainly/only.
  • I maintain Portal:Gastropods.
  • Feel free to contact me anytime with Wikipedia email or via my email (if you know that) or via other ways (if you know them).


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  • add some IUCN maps of freshwater gastropods from Asia and Africa
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dissection of Helix pomatia:

  • Charles Robertson (1845-1874).[3] Demonstrator and curator of the of anatomical colelction in the University of Oxford.
    • PD-icon.svg Robertson C. (1867). "On the organs of circulation of the Roman Snail (Helix pomatia)". Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3)19(109): 1-8. Plate 1, figure 1-2.

overview what families are carnivore or non-carnivore:

Views of shells[edit]

Zonitoides nitidus:

Valvata sincera:

Emarginula striatula

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| fossil_range= {{fossil range|Early Eocene|Recent}}

<ref name="McDonald 2009">McDonald G. R. & Nybakken J. W. (last change: 14 December 2009) [ "A List of the Worldwide Food Habits of Nudibranchs"]. Accessed 20 December 2009. [ htm]</ref>

A [[cladogram]] showing the phylogenic relationships of species within the genus ''yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'':
All species within the [[Planorbidae#Sinistral shells|family Planorbidae have sinistral shells]].

How to use blockquote - Urosalpinx cinerea


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some old
very good
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