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Snowolf's Admin coaching (by Husond)[edit]

Barrow's Goldeneye.jpg

Preliminary comments:

  • Symbol support vote.svg Neat/friendly/informative user & talk pages.
  • Symbol support vote.svg E-mail enabled.
  • Symbol support vote.svg Edit summary usage currently 98% for major edits and 100% for minor edits. Not bad, but try raising those 98% to 100% though. :-)
  • Symbol support vote.svgSymbol opinion vote.svg No edit-countitis concerns. Yet, some users may frown upon the mainspace-talk space ratio, as you currently have nearly 20 times more edits to the mainspace than you have on the talk space. Some users believe that this is a sign that you don't really discuss and interact with other users, but rather make hundreds/thousands of page-tagging edits. 5 edits are your highest participation in any article. This may also lead users to believe that you lack interest in actually building the encyclopedia. Although adminship has little to do with it, that might be a big concern for some users. This can be solved by presenting a list of your contributions to the mainspace, such as stubs you've created, articles you've expanded, etc. Participating in WP:RM discussions is an excellent way to raise the participation in the talk space by the way.
  • Symbol opinion vote.svg Some users may wonder why have you been astoundingly active last February, only to drop to a much lower level of activity afterwards. I don't think this would be a big concern though. Still, beware of nitpickers...
  • Symbol support vote.svgSymbol opinion vote.svg Vandalfight experience, but not actively fighting vandals lately. :-( I strongly recommend getting back to the squad, although that wouldn't be absolutely necessary for a successful RFA.
  • Symbol support vote.svg WP:XFD cleared.
  • Symbol support vote.svg User:Snowolf/Admin scout is a big plus, IMO.