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Shalom, Salaam, G'day

Hoy Hoy! User:SoLando, also known as Joel (born 1987), is an editor from Liverpool. He has been a contributor to Wikipedia since December 2003, primarily as a content editor, and stood for adminship in December 2005 (twas the season and I do indeed wield the supercharged hoover and mop). He has had (or professed to have) an interest in African, Irish, Jewish, military, and political history. He occasionally contributes to sports-related articles, foremost those pertaining to his beloved Liverpool F.C. He has initiated articles on obscure topics, amounting to little more than micro-stubs, such as Mbombela Local Municipality and Chikako Fushimi.

He has devoted much of his recent content editing to the King's Regiment (Liverpool) (KRL) and its numerous subsidiary articles, although he found sufficient opportunity to expand Issy Smith which, with invaluable support, was elevated to featured article status. He remains ever hopeful that the KRL will eventually attain FA status before he must resort to utilising "cryopreservation" technology. Ahem. I'd also like to express my unreserved gratitude and thanks to Sango123 for designing this user page!

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air - Attributed to John Quincy Adams


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  • Priority
    • Expand and "complete" the King's Regiment (Liverpool)
    • The Liverpool Irish.
    • Liverpool Pals.
    • The Manchester Regiment. Complete rewrite.
    • 8th, 63rd, 96th Regiments of Foot. Per above. Joy....
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