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The phrase "so says Sunny" came about because I often state my views on a topic but don't feel the need to force others to agree.

It's a throw-away phrase meaning, roughly, "that's my opinion, take it or leave it -- or debate it!"

Random Tidbits[edit]

  • I double-majored in Astrophysics and Math.
  • My interests include: math, astronomy, physics, evolution, psychology, personality, politics, religion, and lots more.
  • I can't avoid noticing grammar mistakes and typos in everything I read.
  • I frequently refer to Fowler's Modern English Usage when in doubt about grammar and can explain when to use may/might, lay/lie, that/which, and the subjunctive mood.
  • I earned the moniker Renegade Grammarian by routinely sending emails to webmasters, informing them of typos and poor grammar. Back in 1994, one company was so thankful that it offered me a free webpage for proofing a few more pages.
  • I have had a personal website since fall of 1994. Here are my current sites:
Sunny's About.Me Page -- My Internet front page. -- My personal site, horribly neglected. -- The Sunshine HTML Resource, a quick-reference guide to HTML Tags and Attributes.

My Personality[edit]

My personality profiles include:

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0:
STRATEGIC: diagnose / solve / avoid problems, goals / plans / contingencies, options / consequences / evaluating best choice, big picture
IDEATION: flexible / creative / innovative / efficient, finds patterns / mistakes, clear explanations, solutions on the fly, new perspectives
LEARNER: quickly master new systems / skills, continual improvement, adaptable / curious / investigative, unafraid of the unknown / challenging
INPUT: research / categorize / organize / systematize / integrate / document / access / disseminate info
INTELLECTION: focus / concentrate / contemplate / understand, nuance / connotation / implication, excellent vocabulary, clear communication
  • Jung / MBTI / Keirsey: INTP -- The Architect: Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving
  • SLOAN: Inquisitive 90%, Calm 78%, Social 64%
  • Multiple Intelligences: Logical/Mathematical: 100%; Visual/Spatial: 90%; Naturalist: 90%; Verbal/Linguistic: 80%
  • Global:
Describes me (80%+ score) – Intellectual, Stable, Anti-Authority, Religious, Extraversion, Interdependence
Describes what I am NOT (20% or less) – Materialist, Needs to Dominate, Avoidant, Change-Averse, Histrionic, Hypersensitive, Vain, Wealthy, Hedonist, Paranoid, Conflict-Seeking

SoSaysSunny (talk) 02:17, 13 October 2013 (UTC)