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Click my head and win a purge!
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Hi. As you can probably guess, my (nick)name is SoWhy and I am one of the 33,894,311 users on the English Wikipedia. I registered this account on 25 March 2004 (verify). I have since worked in various areas of the project, mainly as a Wikignome.

On 1 October 2008, the community accepted my request to be one of the 1,210 administrators on this project (verify · my RfA). As an admin, I mostly work at requests for page protection and pages for speedy deletion (which has become my "specialty" so to speak) but will help out with other tasks as well (for example WP:DYK). Detailed statistics of my admin actions can be found in the box on the right. As such, I am glad to try and help anyone who needs assistance in any way. And of course, I am fallible, so please do not hesitate to contact me, if you think I made a mistake (I also try to collect mistakes I notice myself).

In real life, I am a 34 year old jurist living in beautiful Markt Schwaben, Germany, a small town east of Munich, working as a lawyer in a small firm outside the city. Although my English is quite good (or so I was told), I apologize in advance for any comments that are confusing or any text that is awkward or simply incorrect. Apart from Wikipedia, I enjoy a range of "geeky" hobbies, mostly gaming, reading, listening to music (indie and alternative mainly, my profile outlines it in more detail) and watching TV shows and movies.

Philosophically I'm a skeptic and atheist but also very liberal and open minded (thus, although I am critical of how much wealth and influence organized religion has (especially in my country), I will defend anyone's right to believe anything they like or hold any opinion (short of blatant lies), no matter how much I disagree with it). Politically I'm a member of the German social democratic party, although I have and will hold views that contradict those of my own party. Despite my philosophical and political stances (everyone has them after all), I will never let them influence my editing in any way (and so far I have not received any complaints that I did).

If you believe that I have indeed let my personal opinions influence my editing or administrative duties, please tell me about it. I will do my best to learn from any mistakes I make but in order to do so, I need to be aware of them. Similarly, if you are interested to know my opinion on any Wikipedia-related or real life matter, please feel free to inquire about it. I will do my best to answer any questions about myself or Wikipedia-related activities.


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