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Index of Subs[edit]

A-class submarine
A-class submarine (1903)
AA-1-class submarine
Adua-class submarine
Agosta-class submarine
Akula-class submarine
Albacora-class submarine
Alfa-class submarine
Amphion-class submarine
Andrasta-class submarine
Archer-class submarine
Archimede-class submarine
Argo-class submarine
Argonaut (submarine)
Argonaute-class submarine
Arihant-class submarine
Aréthuse-class submarine
Asashio-class submarine
Astute-class submarine
Aurore-class submarine
B-class submarine
Balao-class submarine
Balilla-class submarine
Barbel-class submarine
Bars-class submarine (1915)
Benjamin Franklin-class submarine
Borei-class submarine
Brin-class submarine
British B-class submarine
British C-class submarine
British D-class submarine
British E-class submarine
British F-class submarine
British G-class submarine
British H-class submarine
British J-class submarine
British K-class submarine
British L-class submarine
British M-class submarine
British Porpoise-class submarine
British R-class submarine
British S-class submarine (1914)
British S-class submarine (1931)
British T-class submarine
British V-class submarine
British W-class submarine
Brumaire-class submarine
CA-class submarine
Cachalot-class submarine
Cagni-class submarine
Calvi-class submarine
Canada-class submarine
Capitan O'Brien-class submarine (1928)
CB-class midget submarine
CC-class submarine
Challenger-class submarine
Chang Bogo-class submarine
Charlie-class submarine
Churchill-class submarine
Circé-class submarine
Circé-class submarine (1907)
Clorinde-class submarine
Collins-class submarine
Cosmos-class submarine
Danish A class submarine
Daphné-class submarine
DeepFlight Merlin
Delfinen-class submarine
Delta III-class submarine
Delta-class submarine
Dolfijn-class submarine
Dolphin-class submarine
Draken-class submarine
Echo-class submarine
Ethan Allen-class submarine
Explorer-class submarine
Foca-class submarine
French Barracuda-class submarine
French Narval-class submarine
French submarine Amiral Bourgois
French submarine Archimède
French submarine Charles Brun
Gal-class submarine
Gato-class submarine
George Washington-class submarine
German Type I submarine
German Type II submarine
German Type IX submarine
German Type IXA submarine
German Type IXB submarine
German Type Large MS submarine
German Type Mittel U submarine
German Type U 127 submarine
German Type U 139 submarine
German Type U 151 submarine
German Type U 31 submarine
German Type U 66 submarine
German Type U 81 submarine
German Type U 87 submarine
German Type U 93 submarine
German Type UB I submarine
German Type UB II submarine
German Type UB III submarine
German Type UC I submarine
German Type UC II submarine
German Type UC III submarine
German Type UE I submarine
German Type UE II submarine
German Type VII submarine
German Type X submarine
German Type XIV submarine
German Type XVII submarine
Glauco-class submarine
Golf-class submarine
Gotland-class submarine
Grampus-class submarine
Grayback-class submarine
Gustave Zédé-class submarine
Ha-1-class submarine
Ha-101-class submarine
Ha-201-class submarine
Ha-3-class submarine
Ha-7-class submarine
Hai Lung-class submarine
Hajen-class submarine
Harushio-class submarine
Havmanden-class submarine (1911)
Hayashio-class submarine
Heroine-class submarine
Heroj-class submarine
Holland 602 type submarine
Holland-class submarine
Hotel-class submarine
Human torpedo
I-121-class submarine
I-201-class submarine
I-351-class submarine
I-400-class submarine
I-52-class submarine (1942)
Indian Navy SSN programme
INS Rahav
INS Tannin
Italian R-class submarine
James Madison-class submarine
Japanese Type 1 submarine
Japanese Type 6 submarine
Japanese Type L submarine
Juliett-class submarine
Junsen type submarine
K VIII-class submarine
Kaichū type submarine
Kaidai-type submarine
Kaiman-class submarine
Kairyū-class submarine
Kalev-class submarine
Kalvari-class submarine
Kalvari-class submarine (1967)
Karp-class submarine
Kasatka-class submarine
Kilo-class submarine
Kobben-class submarine
Lafayette-class submarine
List of Soviet and Russian submarine classes
List of submarine classes
List of submarine classes in service
List of submarine classes of the United States Navy
Liuzzi-class submarine
Los Angeles-class submarine
Mackerel-class submarine
Marcello-class submarine
Marconi-class submarine
Marlin-class submarine
Matchanu-class submarine
Minerve-class submarine
Ming class submarine
Morzh-class submarine
Mystic-class deep-submergence rescue vehicle
Narhvalen class submarine
Natsushio-class submarine
Neptun-class submarine
Norwegian A-class submarine
Norwegian B-class submarine
Norwegian K-class submarine
November-class submarine
Näcken-class submarine
Oberon-class submarine
Odin-class submarine
Ohio-class submarine
Oruç Reis-class submarine
Oscar-class submarine
Osetr-class submarine
Oyashio-class submarine
Paltus-class submarine
Parthian-class submarine
Permit-class submarine
Pisces-class deep submergence vehicle
Plunger-class submarine
Pluviôse-class submarine
Pravda-class submarine
Project 75I-class submarine
Quebec-class submarine
Rainbow-class submarine
Redoutable-class submarine (1931)
Redoutable-class submarine (1967)
Resolution-class submarine
River-class submarine
Ro-100-class submarine
Romeo-class submarine
Ronis-class submarine
Rubis-class submarine
Russian Narval-class submarine
S1000-class submarines
Sailfish-class submarine
Salmon-class submarine
Sang-O-class submarine
Sargo-class submarine
Sarov-class submarine
Sauro-class submarine
Sava-class submarine
Scorpène-class submarine
Sea Pole-class bathyscaphe
Seawolf-class submarine
Shchuka-class submarine
Shishumar-class submarine
Sierra-class submarine
Sindhughosh-class submarine
Sirène-class submarine
Sjöormen-class submarine
Skate-class submarine
Skipjack-class submarine
Som-class submarine
Soviet K-class submarine
Soviet M-class submarine
Soviet S-class submarine
Squalo-class submarine
Stickleback-class submarine
Sturgeon-class submarine
Submarine No.71
Sutjeska-class submarine
Swiftsure-class submarine
Södermanland-class submarine
Sōryū-class submarine
T-1-class submarine
Tambor-class submarine
Tang-class submarine
Tango-class submarine
Tench-class submarine
Thresher-class submarine
Toti-class submarine
TR-1700-class submarine
Trafalgar-class submarine
Tridente-class submarine
Triomphant-class submarine
Type 030 submarine
Type 032 midget submarine
Type 032 submarine
Type 035 submarine
Type 039 submarine
Type 039A submarine
Type 091 submarine
Type 092 submarine
Type 093 submarine
Type 094 submarine
Type 095 submarine
Type 096 submarine
Type 214 submarine
Type 216 submarine
Type 218 submarine
Type 3 submergence transport vehicle
Type A Kō-hyōteki-class submarine
Type A submarine
Type A1 submarine
Type AM submarine
Type B submarine
Type B1 submarine
Type C submarine
Type D submarine
Type J1 submarine
Type XXI submarine
Type XXIII submarine
Typhoon-class submarine
U-1-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)
U-10-class submarine
U-101-class submarine
U-107-class submarine
U-20-class submarine
U-27-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)
U-3-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)
U-43-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)
U-48-class submarine
U-5-class submarine (Austria-Hungary)
U-50-class submarine
U-52-class submarine
Ula-class submarine
United States B-class submarine
United States Barracuda-class submarine (1951)
United States C-class submarine
United States D-class submarine
United States E-class submarine
United States F-class submarine
United States G-class submarine
United States H-class submarine
United States K-class submarine
United States L-class submarine
United States N-class submarine
United States O-class submarine
United States Porpoise-class submarine
United States R-class submarine
United States S-class submarine
Upholder/Victoria-class submarine
USS Idaho (SSN-799)
USS Iowa (SSN-797)
USS Massachusetts (SSN-798)
USS New Jersey (SSN-796)
Uzushio-class submarine
Vanguard-class submarine
Vela-class submarine
Vetehinen-class submarine
Victor-class submarine
Viking-class submarine
Virginia-class submarine
Västergötland-class submarine
Walrus-class submarine
Whiskey-class submarine
Wilk-class submarine
X-class submarine
XE-class submarine
Yankee-class submarine
Yasen-class submarine
Yūshio-class submarine
Zwaardvis-class submarine
Émeraude-class submarine