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That's Sock, not sockpuppet
That's Sock, not sockpuppet
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Hello there. I'm Sock. Having been here for nine years, I took a year or so off of editing regularly. However, in the last several months, I've returned to actively editing and occasionally creating new pages. I've also returned to helping with good articles, not only reviewing them but bringing articles up to "good" status.

Welcome to my one of five million pages of the English Wikipedia! Please sign my guestbook here. As far as editing privileges go, I have rollback, reviewer, and autopatrolled rights. I used to focus on creating and editing articles about musicians, bands, or albums, but my primary focus has since shifted to film articles. I'm an active member of WikiProject Film, and encourage you to join us!

I'm an admin hopeful, though I haven't done a whole lot to reach that goal as of late. I've primarily been trying to improve film articles. I've also been working on the film backlog at WP:GAN recently. I take requests to review articles for Good status, but note that I may deny them depending on what other work I have lined up for myself (see below).

Want to collaborate? So do I! Shoot me a message and I'd be happy to help in any way I can.


  1. Get District 9, Godzilla, Prisoners, In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths, Enemy, Chronicle, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Nightcrawler, Birdman, 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Mad Max: Fury Road to Good Article status,
  2. Keep reviewing at WP:GAN (go review articles now!)
  3. Keep working on getting accolade pages (specifically for Inside Llewyn Davis and In Bruges) to Featured List status
  4. Bring Children of Men to FA status
  5. Be nicer

Frequent collaborators[edit]

If you want my help with something but I'm too busy, away from Wikipedia, or just not answering (I tend to be very bad about checking notifications), these are people I work with frequently that will be able to help in my stead. Also, I'd just recommend working with these fine people in general.


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