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Resistance Overseas[edit]

Resistance overseas
Origin america(Pennsylvania) and kashmir
Genres Underground hip hop, political hip hop, conscious hip hop
Years active 2011–present
Labels lionz den production and records of resistance
Associated acts street music activism
Members Mcyoungblood lionzmuzik
Past members akil muzamil


formed in 2011 by a kashmiri based underground mc Mc Youngblood and an american based mc lionzmuzika.k.a joseph sanders, Mc Youngblood was a revolutionary and a underground rapper mainly contained lyrics about the palestinian resistance,kashmiri struggle and about political issues and lionzmuzik lives in Pennsylvania, America which is much far from kashmir & kashmir lies in asia thats why the group was named Resistance-Overseas ,together influenced their music and styles,group broke the international hindrances,though Mc youngblood had a different style and rapping way but still they two carried on,in October 2011 lionzmuzik & Mc Youngblood released a track named THE THEORY OF RESISTANCEwhich didn't go well because of its sound quality yet this was only a debut now,Resistance-Overseas is international rap GROUP, Mc Youngblood was not that good on the hook part of the songs as lionzmuzik was on his single recorded songs so Mc Youngblood decided to get a vocalist who could join their group and sing hooks and in the tough search, lionzmuzik & Mc youngblood used to talk about their work through mailing each other,so they founded a guy who was a friend of Mc Youngblood who had appeared in track THE FINAL STAND ,so he decided to work in the group as a hook singer but didn't permanently joined the group so as soon as lionzmuzik got to know , they decided to make a track lot more better then previous one so in march 2012 , Resistance-Overseas came up with a track smoke in the air which featured akil who was on the hook part , lionzmuzik on the first verse , Mc Youngblood on the second verse ans a infamous speech of a bahraini girl who spoke of her father's martyrdom , it was an anti-war plus self motivational track. the lyrics were too strong and was a pure underground rap which evoked the feelings of wars and street life,in the track lionzmuzik says about people sleeping on streets ,about discrimination by rich and usual criticism ,Mc Youngblood says about the materialistic world,obama's war crimes,lives of vietnam and Sabra_and_Shatila_massacre horros of war . the track went very well among overseas listeners ,while as . day by day the Resistance-Overseas movement grew wider and wider and the people are expecting more from the oversea group.

They've also recently gained one more member to their group namely Akil Muzamil, who is believed to bring a pop taste to their resistance. Well for now the members of the groups haven't even met each other but faith in each other is what has made them really inspiring for all other Mc's out gaining a worldwide support they are trying to unite every mc to expand their movement.