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Here is my work in progress page. It is essentially a sandbox. I'm going to use this area as not only a storage area for information I am gathering for wikipedia, but also for a list of articles that I plan on starting or I think otherwise need attention. Feel free to add information on the articles, start the articles, etc. please do not delete anything here.

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Below are some things ultramarine is doing to destroy the integrity of wikipedia.

  1. adding tangental information
  2. adding biased information
  3. adding incorrect information
  4. adding poorly cited information
  5. participating in Edit wars

He usually adds this information to any articles that are even remotely related to the opposition of his stated view: "My own POV is that capitalism and liberal democracy overall are beneficial."

    • Ultramarine makes us capitalists look evil, irrational, illogical, and he fuels the fire of anti-capitalism.

Please address any comments, complaints, or further truths about ultramarine (or myself) on my Discussion Page.

The Wired[edit]


The Wired is philosophically analogous to



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Thousand Arms - Playstation - Depend on You

  • Attack Ship-Covert Assault
  • Carrington Institute
  • Perfect Dark - Nintendo 64 - Datadyne Central-Defection

Of course by this less specific and less used definition the case becomes more complicated:

The sensation stimulated in the organs of hearing by such vibrations in the air or other medium.

Then in this case the tree actually doesn't create the perception of a sound because we are supposing it is a bio-cognative process in this definition. However it still creates vibrations that can be interpreted as sound by any sensor, organic or other and therefore still makes sound.


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best version [1]

Christ psychosis is a term that can mean a number of things. Generally refers to the mental state of either irrationality or illogic attained with the introduction of faith of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic variety into the mind and thought processes of a human. The "Christ" element of the term originates from the predominantly Christian society which those in the West live in. This psychosis is strongly associated with religious faith and some my consider them synonymous.

Psychological affliction[edit]

This term is used in reference to what may be a specific mental illness or a collection of them. Specifically some medical conditions that are associated with "religious experiences" such as schizophrenia or temporal lobe epilepsy. There has been research done in the field of neuropsychology and evolutionary psychology suggesting that belief in the supernatural is a result of some of these diseases. Recent studies have shown that in fact religious delusions are more common in Christian patients suffering from psychosis than the non-religious.1

As Christianity is the primary supernaturalist worldview in English speaking countries, Christ psychosis has become a popular layman label for the interpretation of that research. Many scientists such as Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, and more modern thinkers like Richard Dawkins have labeled religious faith as a mental illness and a form of psychosis. (See Freud's Future of an Illusion and Dawkins' The Root of all Evil?)

Derogatory usage[edit]

Descrptive or derofatory usage of the term is employed by antitheists, skeptics, and critics of Western religion in referring to those that they believe argue irrationally on a number of topics, commit atrocities, and commit social injustice because of their beliefs, for example, David Koresh and Pat Robertson. Conversly, when people commit these same acts then justify their actions by means of their Judeo-Christian-Islamic beliefs then they may also be referred to as suffering from Christ psychosis, anachronistic examples include Adolf Hitler, various Roman emporers after 400 CE, and Sadam Hussein.

Some use the term in a purely derogatory form as an ad hominem attack when in philosophical, scientific, or religious conflict with Christians, especially fundamentalists. Usage in this way may have evolved out of the persecution of atheists by Christian persecutors as well as from heightened conflict between scientific findings and creationism, especially young earth creationists.

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Raving Atheist A place where the term is commonly used.

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Raving Atheist A place where the term is commonly used and may be the origin of such.


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