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I am a proud Wikipedian and absolutely admit that this site is very addictive. An amazing site at that, too. I am happy to contribute anything about subjects that I know about and like, and Wikipedia is now the first place I turn to when in need of factual or encyclopedic information. This page contains links to Wikipedia articles that are useful or interesting to me, as well as some other links I need to remember. Feel free to edit this page if you think you can make it look better or just want to add something to it! If you want to leave a message, do so on my talk page.


Evolution-tasks2.png Some very useful Wikipedia pages that are not articles, but utilities or similar.

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Links to various articles that I like, am especially interested in or that are somehow else link-worthy.

The X-Files[edit]

The main article is The X-Files. Articles on characters are Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek and Cigarette Smoking Man, Dana Scully, Monica Reyes, these also include my contributions or were started by me.

Latvia[edit] here should give info on any historical person/event in Latvia if I need to edit. Does not contain contemporary stuff, however. Here on Wiki - Latvia, Politics of Latvia (may need to update when governments change). The category is Category:Latvia - probably one of the worst categories here on Wikipedia, it has more subcategories than it has articles. User:Andris, User:Juzeris contribute and link to Latvia-related articles. Note Gustavs Zemgals, Alberts Kviesis, Juris Podnieks, Jews in Latvia.


What a great game series it is, too! The Call to Power II article is written by me, and I should keep watch over Civilization IV.

Other game related articles[edit]

Interesting articles[edit]

These are some of the articles that are somehow simply interesting, awesome, well-written, etc.

Useful code[edit]

I've moved my welcome boilerplates to User:Solver/welcome.