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Hello! My name is real name is Stefan. I am a 24/Apr/1988 year old Singaporean.

I use the very basic and simplistic, straight-forward English to communicate. My policy in Wikipedia is always try to work towards an agreement, and in which, never do I support any form of edit war or factual debates. I do not like to witness, dragged into, or be in, all kinds of uncomfortable situations, and in nonsensical, immature and unintelligent time wasting edit wars. I do not wish to be invited into discussions of an NPOV, politics or any disputed situations. In person, I'm a man with a few words; only filled with thoughts, and passion for the improvement of things.

I must also say that I occasionally edit Wikipedia articles due to my Architectural studies and workload.

Stefan's rules of Wikipedia[edit]

Over the years, I have edited and noticed how an editor carries out his work; in my pointers, here are some I have created my own set of funny rules... Please note that the following texts are not expressing advocacy.

  • A word about links; if it's broke, go fix it.
  • To study an editor's real personality, do not go to his userpage, head to his talk page instead. If he/she has more than a dozen administration warnings, rude behavior, personal attacks and goes by his own rules, that editor sucks.
  • It doesn't matter if an editor doesn't contribute much; as long he doesn't cause trouble.
  • Fights, debates, edit wars, arguments and over excessive editing aren't all useful; fools who are deceiving themselves to be intellectuals seem to do so. These actions decrease the lifespan of the keyboard's sensitivity and bleeds fingers.
  • No source, no add. Simple as that. What part do you not understand?
1RR This user prefers discussing changes on the talk page rather than engaging in an edit war.

I am what I like, I am Everything[edit]

Well generally, I am one who likes and loves and has passion for anything and everything in the World around me, I like all things God and man creates. I love philosophy, and I believe in intellectual and all kinds social mixes. I am mainly balanced in all fields of all kinds subjects. Most of these fields I enjoy are self-taught approach.

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