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Brief Bio[edit]

My name is Meaghan Champion-Williams (nee Walker) I am 34, married mother, currently living in Duncan British Columbia. I am originally from Somena within Canada. I am a libertarian and student of objectivism. My interests include reading, playing video games with my son, taking long walks with my husband, and watching movies.


I run a process service company with my husband, which my husband and I started up in Florida, and have imported to Canada, to my Indian Reserve.

I have written for the National Post, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Vancouver Province and for 2-3 years I ran a column for the Cowichan Valley Citizen Newspaper called "Cowichan Beat".

Blogs & Net Stuff[edit]

I am currently adminstering a number of blogs that focus on various subjects and especially two other blogs in the political blogworld. One of those blogs is Small Dead Animals 2.0 and the other is Not Reason, which focuses on the Website No Treason.My usual blog is Somena Media

I used to hang out on usenet way back in the day, on the humanities.philosophy.objectivism group, which is where I encountered Jimbo, among other friends in libertarian/objectivist circles.


My husband is Charles Champion, a 20+ year activist in the Libertarian Party of Florida, although he is no longer involved in the LP now. Somena 21:30, 28th May 2006 (UTC)