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F1 Hoverpod Racing is a brand new Motorsports concept.

The Hoverpod vehicle is a small light form of personal transport which is designed to travel across most types of flat surface as diversified as land, snow, water, ice, sand and even mud. The advantage of a Hoverpod over other types of conventional transport is that it actually flies at approximately 3-6” off the surface area in which it is travelling, floating on a cushion or vacuum of low pressure air. This creates a form of lift from the static area to which it sits, the result being a complete reduction in friction and drag and as such the surface footprint is reduced to zero.

As a Hoverpod has many focus points of interest and uses, the ability to Hover in a single location and travel without contact with the earth provides many features that are of interest to specific markets such as rescue and military. The ability to rotate through 360% without the need to move forward provides for a very accurate solution to stopping a vehicle in a designated area with which a specific need to target the exact point of parking with pinpoint accuracy is something to which is a feature to which is almost unique to the Hoverpod.

Because of the inherent design features of the Hoverpod are centred around the low pressure lift system, it allows for relatively heavy weights and loads to be moved with very limited propulsion or forward thrust. This is a beneficial feature that allows limited use for transporting heavy loads at high speed’s with the additional feature of providing a safe form of transportation.

The vehicle is a two person craft with the F1 Hoverpod series reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph from 4-stroke bespoke engines.

Unlike other Motorsports, the vehicles are designed to enable high levels of participation. The only difference between the basic Hoverpod and the F1 Hoverpod appears to be engine size and materials employed, making the F1 Hoverpod faster and requiring greater skills to control and better teamwork.

Modified craft exist for recreation, racing and emergency use.

The F1Hoverpod group of companies are UK based (Sheffield) and divisions include Racing, Manufacture and Merchandise.

A video clip of the craft in action can be found via the following link :