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Idea and layout stolen from User:Guinnog, originally from User:Punkmorten


Munich and vincinity: Sendling · Boroughs of Munich

Germany: German Embassy in Brasília

Military persons: Wolfgang Schneiderhan (General) · Wolf, Graf von Baudissin

Military topics: Greece order of battle

Novels: Death in Holy Orders · The Murder Room · The Skull Beneath the Skin · Devices and Desires · Original Sin

The Elder Scrolls: Ocato · Blackwood Company · Black Horse Courier · White Gold Tower · Chorrol

Templates: Template:Gray series · Template:Cyrodiil · Template:Lynley series Template:Boroughs of Munich · Template:Cabinet Merkel I Template:German Federal Ministries Template:German foreign relations


Modern military history: Operation Active Endeavour

World War II: Balkans Campaign · Battle of Greece

Munich and vincinity: Munich · Pasing · Schwabing

Germany: List of German foreign ministers · German Embassy in London · Law enforcement in Germany · Human rights in Germany · German Federal Coast Guard

German law: Volksverhetzung · Strafgesetzbuch

Novels and novelists: P. D. James · Adam Dalgliesh

The Elder Scrolls: Sithis · Imperial Legion · Imperial City · Amulet of Kings · Mankar Camoran



Work completed[edit]

Schleswig Cathedral · German Green Belt · Hans Dominik

Work in progress[edit]

Environmental Tax · Golden Age


Work completed[edit]

Boroughs of Munich (article)

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/Boroughs of Munich (overview of sub-articles) · Hamburger Bahnhof · Feldjäger · Munich Central Bus Station · Munich Hauptbahnhof · Supreme Courts of Germany · Verfassungsorgan

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