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I live in Village Breda and am a fan of the railways in particular the secondary railways as the Pontremolese and the Lucca-Aulla. But my absolute favorites are two: the Private Marble railway of Carrara and Avenza-Carrara railway. I am dedicated primarily to the correction of the pages dedicated to railways and also to their creation.


My wikipage on the italian wikipedia

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Other contributions

Complete list here.

  • Railway station of Carrara-Avenza (IT): update and expanded after the great revision did by Ale Sasso.
  • Railway station of Carrara-San Martino (IT): adding photos (face and bridges Anderlino), adding the bombing in Carrara San Martino with the bridges of Anderlino. Finishing path.
  • Private Marble Railway of Carrara (IT): Path, stations and stops
  • Avenza-Carrara railway (IT): added event of the bridges of Anderlino on "History";
  • Village Breda: added history and sources.
  • Railway station of San Lorenzo-Cipressa: Expanded and renovation of the page;
  • Railway station of San Remo (old): Expanded and renovation of the page;
  • Railway station of Taggia-Arma (1872): Expanded and added sources.