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Name Jared
Born November 25, 1990
Anchorage, Alaska
Current location Waimea, Kauai, HI
Education and employment
High school Waimea High School
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Agnostic
Politics Democratic
Ducreux1.jpg You just lost The Game.

I am a sophomore at Waimea High School on the island of Kauai, part of the Hawaiian Islands. I recently discovered Google Earth and have been using wikipedia as a resource to locate areas around the world. The easiest way to find a location is with geographic coordinates, which many wikipedia articles include. Unfortunately, not all articles include coordinates, so I decided to add them.

Please leave your comments on my talk page or send email, at

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( + ) Denotes added coordinates

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IAAF Golden League & Air Bases Tidal Islands & Mayan Sites
  Meeting Gaz de France ~
    • Stade de France +
  Golden GalaStadio Olimpico +
  Bislett GamesBislett stadion +
  Weltklasse ZürichLetzigrund +
  Memorial van DammeKing Baudouin Stadium +
    • Olympiastadion +
  Golden League Template
  Langley Air Force Base +
  Istres Air Base +
    • Istres +
  Morón Air Base +
    • Keflavik +
  RAF Lakenheath +
  RAF Mildenhall +
    • Mildenhall
  NAS Keflavik + ~
  Mont Saint Michel
  St Michael's Mount
  Brough of Birsay +
  Bennelong Point +
  Burgh Island +
  Omey Island +
  Lindisfarne +
  Bar Island + ~
  Baleshare +
  Chichén Itzá +
  Mayapan +
  Uxmal +
  Tikal +

Asia South America North America Africa
  The World (archipelago) +
  Palm Islands & +
  Burj al-Arab +
  Angkor Wat +
  Taj Mahal +
  Christ the Redeemer +
  Galápagos Islands +
  Iguassu Falls +
  Machu Picchu +
  Nazca Lines
  Devils Tower National Monument
  Rikers Island +
  Mount Thor +
  Ngorongoro Conservation Area +
  Serengeti National Park +
  Abu Simbel +
Sydney Opera House +
United Kingdom Italy Turkey Spain
  Palace of Westminster +
  Angel of the North +
  Castle Urquhart +
  Loch Ness +
  Big Ben +
  Leaning Tower of Pisa +
  Campo dei Miracoli +
  Duomo di Milano +
  Sistine Chapel +
  Sultan Ahmed Mosque +
  Suleiman Mosque +
  Topkapi Palace +
  Hagia Sophia +
  Guggenheim Museum Bilbao +
  Sagrada Familia +
  Alhambra +
France Germany Greece Russia
  Arc de Triomphe +
  Eiffel Tower +
  Louvre +
  Brandenburg Gate +
  Neuschwanstein +
  Linderhof +  
  Acropolis, Athens +
  Parthenon +
  Saint Basil's Cathedral +
  Kizhi +
Ireland +


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