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FitFlop is a shoe company founded by entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore.


FitFlop was originally formed when founder and former personal trainer Marcia Kilgore had a ‘brainwave’ moment. Kilgore claimed that she missed the feeling of feeling fit and toned since being a mum with a hectic schedule. Her answer to this was a shoe that would tone you as you walk around. To set this venture to work Kilgore teamed up with bio mechanists, Dr David Cook and Darren James.

About the brand

The first FitFlop shoes sold were a pair of FitFlop Walkstar™ 1 sandals in 2007. FitFlop provides shoes that deliver fun as well as functionality; the brand sells a wide range of boots, shoes, sneakers and sandals for both men and women.

Technology – The Microwobbleboard™

FitFlop’s unique selling point is its ‘microwobbleboard™.’ The idea is that the sole diffuses underfoot pressure as well as absorbing shock. The microwobbleboard™ aims to provide comfort and relief for different areas of the foot; the toe cap is designed to help keep speed and pace; the mid-section aims to create instability, thus relieving underfoot pressure, and the heel section is designed to absorb shock in the lower leg which could otherwise lead to joint stress.


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