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Hi, and welcome to SorryGuy's Wikipedia user page. I've been here since my first edit, on 17:41, 22 August 2005 and only feel as I am now truly getting involved. My name is Jake, and I resident of San Diego, California. Further information on me can easily be found, but I recently decided that maintaining some anonymity here would be best and as such I prefer you not look into it.

On Wikipedia, I contribute in a number of ways. The first article I got up to FA-class was The Lord of the Rings. I hope to do the same with The Preuss School UCSD, which is currently at GA-status. In the future, I also plan on significantly contributing to Friday Night Lights (TV series), Lost in Translation, and Magic: The Gathering, among other topics which I have interest in. I also contribute to Wikipedia through participating in deletion discussions, requests for administrative tools, fighting vandals, and welcoming new users.

If I am able to, I am more than willing to help a fellow user. If you need anything, simply let me know on my talk page. I promise a response to any inquiry within a day, my schedule providing, of course.

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