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Hello, I'm Skula. I'm a Magical Musical Beatnik Cook and now a (total) beginner Wikipedia Editor. My current project is editing the Christina Kubisch page and trying to turn it into a comprehensive biography and discography worthy of her influence, and hopefully do the same for other Sound Artists who are somewhat underrepresented. I'm doing this not just to improve the quality of this niche of Wikipedia that I'm excited about, but also to teach myself how to research and cite and develop on information. Wish me luck!

My username comes from my musical pseudonym and Holy Guardian Angel's name being put through Gematria (translated numerically into Hebrew), over Magic Squares for use as a sigil. On all but Jupiter they emerge as a jagged S - precisely the Sowilo rune in Old Norse tradition. I just wanted 'Skula' but it was taken...

Current Projects[edit]

User:SowiloSkula/Christina Kubisch

  • Compiling Discography
  • Gathering Resources