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My master plan is a medium- to long-term project, aimed at increasing the quality of a number of selected articles. Aviation is vast field, well-documented by the media and authors-alike. To extract the most usefulness out of these resources, I plan to embark on an "editing spree", contructive, of course!

To those wondering about my editing history, during the last 13 months on Wikipedia heavily feature my involvement in aviation-related articles. I enjoy the fact that much of my edits are article-centered, instead of dialogue with other Wikipedians (92%), and the attention I give to each one of them (approx 9–10 edits per page). Currently, I am undertaking preliminary work in preparation for a planned myriad of edits with the ultimate aim of promoting a mass of articles to at least Good article status.

26% completed (estimate)


Potential Featured articles

The following articles are presently are of GA status. They are expertly-written, neutral, well-sourced, and factually accurate. Leading up to WP:FAC, I have plans in place for these articles, including posting requests for copy-editting at the Guild of Copy-edittors, adding accessibility aspects to images and other media, checking sources in accordance with WP:RS, along with comprehensive improvements.

Potential A-class articles
Potential Good articles

These articles are currently C-class articles, which I believed can obtain GA status.

Articles needing attention

Potential good topics[edit]

Stub-Class article Teen Series
C-Class article Grumman F-14 Tomcat
B-Class article McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
Start-Class article Mitsubishi F-15J
B-Class article McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle
B-Class article Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle
Start-Class article McDonnell Douglas F-15 STOL/MTD
Good article General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
Start-Class article General Dynamics F-16XL
Start-Class article General Dynamics F-16 VISTA
B-Class article McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
C-Class article McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet
Stub-Class article High Alpha Research Vehicle
B-Class article Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
B-Class article Boeing EA-18G Growler
Start-Class article Boeing X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing

Harrier Jump Jet
Good article Hawker Siddeley P.1127
Good article Hawker Siddeley P.1154
A-Class article Hawker Siddeley Harrier
Good article British Aerospace Sea Harrier
Featured article McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II
B-Class article British Aerospace Harrier II

Notifications and tools[edit]

  • Reflinks – Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks – Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver – Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer – Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.