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Greetings. I am Spamguy. I am just one of the many people who make their presence known not only on Wikipedia, but across the Internet. Just as dogs mark their existence through urination, my passage through some nook in the network is usually signified by the 'Spamguy' name. You may remember me from such projects or websites as

In addition, I sometimes exist out in the real world. I come from Austin, Texas, and I lived in Lexington, Virginia and Toledo, Ohio before that. I study computer science (with minors in both mathematics and music) at Case Western Reserve University, and I have a weekly radio show on WRUW-FM Cleveland.

Articles I started[edit]

Articles I made major contributions to[edit]

Articles I really, really oughta start someday[edit]


  • Literature
    • Bringing everything I've ever read that qualifies (around 100 books and growing) into the WikiProjectNovels group, mainly by adding Infoboxes and adding the standard template. If the article is particularly sucky I'll burn the whole thing and start over to bring it up to snuff. 3 novels Infoboxed, 0 redesigned.
  • Music
  • Mathematics
    • Kinda inactive with this ever since I dropped this as my major. Did a bit with knot theory, though.
  • Video games
    • Infoboxing where I can. 3 games Infoboxed, 1 redesigned.