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Sparkgap is a long time lurker on Wikipedia who is interested in hiking, electronics, and Amateur Radio.


The Cleveland Hills from Urra Moor.jpgThis user is a member of WikiProject Protected Areas.
– Primarily interested in Protected Areas of North Carolina and North Carolina State Parks
– Secondary interest in Protected Areas of Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
Wikiproject:WikiProject_Hiking_trailsThis user is a member of WikiProject Hiking trails.
– Primarily interested in North Carolina trails
– Secondary interest in trails in the Southeastern US.
International amateur radio symbol.svgThis user is a member of the WikiProject Amateur radio
Ai2q.pngThis user has an amateur radio license.
System-users.svgThis user has an alternative account named Sparkgap2.
MistEYkThis user does not always see his/her grammar mistakes. It would be nice of you to correct them (+)
– Often fatigued editor.