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Blue ribbon.svg This user is a member of Wikipedians against censorship.
No ads.svg This user opposes the installation of any kind of advertisements on Wikimedia Foundation operated sites.
J This user trusts Jimbo.

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Nuvola apps edu languages.svg This user is a member of the Welcoming Committee.
Admin mop question.svg This user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.
Candleburning.jpg This user supports Amnesty International.
Liberty-statue-from-below.jpg This user supports the ACLU.
Radiation warning symbol.svg This user supports the use of nuclear energy. Radiation warning symbol.svg
Urbine221dc.jpg This user supports the use of green energy.
Nocensor.png This user sees nothing wrong with the human form and doesn't view it as something that needs to be hidden.
Blueribbon.png This user is opposed to online censorship.
no ads This user is against commercials in Wikipedia.
This user is proud
to be a Wikipedian.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Human.svg Wikipedia is not censored.
admin+ This user feels that criteria for adminship are generally too high
aBc This user prefers that all categories and stubs be placed in alphabetical order.
vanity This user supports the removal of vanity pages with extreme prejudice.
Image-request.svg This user believes that articles are useless without images.
delu This editor is a delusionist.
Quality, not quantity. This user believes that a user's edit count does not necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions to Wikipedia.
BlackHole.jpg This user has been helping the Internet not suck since 2006.
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United States Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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This user obsessively drinks lots of Water and can be considered Aquaholic.
Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
teen This user is a teenager, not a stereotype.
Rotating earth (large).gif This user is of multiple ancestries.
This user is a high school student.

Today's motto...
Jaką miarką mierzysz, taką ci odmierzą.
"Whatever measure you deal out to others will be dealt back to you."

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