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I will gladly start an article for any nerdcore artist that can hand me enough source material to prove notability. Just msg me on my talk page, and provide links to your sources. I make no guarantee that I'll remember to work on your article if you contact me any other way.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:Spazure:

See User:Spazure/Current_Sandbox_Project for whatever I'm working on currently.

About Me[edit]

  • The first program I ever wrote from scratch was called "favorcalc", and is a now-worthless command-line program used for calculating favor with the Voln faction in Gemstone III (now upgraded and called GemStone IV). I've considered making something similar, but using the WoW API, for calculating Scryer/Aldor rep in World of Warcraft, but the idea became obsolete before I got around to doing it.
  • Code I've written has been shared by officials running the online blogs, despite my personal belief that nobody in any "important" company would ever use my work because I never bothered to get a degree in programming.
  • I have also made a few minor mods for Trillian, and World of Warcraft. My personal favorite is a WoW addon that plays sounds from Pure Pwnage when you make an honorable kill.
  • I will work in customer service until the day I die, not programming or database administration. This is not because I can't do the job, I know I can. I just don't like the feeling of having to dress like a "business person," and I like having blue hair. This didn't go over well at, and it probably wouldn't go over well anywhere else, either. Call me naive for choosing happiness over money if you want, but I don't regret it. I still get to work with code and databases, I'm just limited to mysql instead of Oracle.
  • I now have a career with one of Forbes' Best Companies to Work For. I agree with that assessment, as it's the greatest job I have ever had, hands down. Added bonus: I get to play in UNIX all day.