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A little about me...

I'm a 23-year-old engineer in Austin, TX. I obtained my BSME in December of 2004 at Texas Tech University and finished my MSME at the University of New Mexico in 2006, with an emphasis on robotics. Among my hobbies are reading, writing poetry, making pencil sketches when I should be paying attention in class, watching anime, bicycling, and swimming. My interests (besides the obvious math/physics/engineering) include studying religion and paranormal phenomena, learning java, solving the Rubik's Cube, and broadening my horizons.

My goals and achievements as a Wikipedian

I started editing on Wikipedia with the goal of writing about various methods of divination. My project history below reflects this interest, but it is not a goal that I am currently pursuing. Future projects may include editing/creating pages relating to the aforementioned paranormal phenomena.

Project History[edit]

Pages I've Created

Major Edits

Digital Dreamer Works in Progress

  • Nothing at the moment...