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Vital Information[edit]

Name: Stephen H.
Age: 26
Hometown: Seabrook, N.H.
Current Residence: Valparaiso, Ind.

  • Currently an assistant manager for an undisclosed national drugstore chain
    • I once was a teacher at Luther High School South in Chicago, Ill. As such, there are some vandalism edits made by an IP address whose history also states that spell4yr has made a few edits ... those edits were done by students on our public network.

I tend to focus on music-related articles, especially in the country music genre. I hope to expand this as time goes on.

Articles Created[edit]

This list is in progress.

  1. Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace (song)
    Speedy Deleted, G7 -- notability
  2. Big Time (Big & Rich song)
  3. He Didn't Have to Be
  4. Holy Water (song)
  5. Invisibly Shaken
    currently redirected to If You're Going Through Hell
  6. Lost In This Moment
    currently redirected to Lost in This Moment: capitalization
  7. Loud (Big & Rich song)
    currently redirected to Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace: notability
  8. Luther High School South
  9. Never Mind Me
    currently redirected to Comin' to Your City: notability
  10. Sinners Like Me
  11. Who Needs Pictures (song)
  12. Wild West Show