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The Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning[edit]

The Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning is Emory University's main venue for visits by heads of state, distinguished policymakers, and influential public intellectuals from around the world. The institute’s major programs include the Halle Speaker Series, Halle Distinguished Fellows, Turkish Lecture Series, and the India Summit. [1] Events and conferences are held year-round.

The institute also supports travel abroad for Emory faculty, staff, and students. These study trips allow participants to gain knowledge of the world. More than a hundred faculty and staff members have participated in the Halle Study Trip Program since its inception.

The Halle Institute
Established 1997
Director Holli Semetko


Claus Halle[edit]

Claus M. Halle (May 27, 1927- August 22, 2004) was born in Schwelm, Germany and spent much of his early childhood in India. At the age of 16, he was drafted into the German army during World War ll. In 1950 he started as a truck deliveryman for The Coca-Cola Company of Germany. Over the span of 45 years he rose to become president of Coca-Cola Germany, then president of Coca-Cola Europe, and, ultimately, senior exectuive president of The Coca-Cola Company and president of Coca-Cola International. He retired in 1989.

In 1986 Claus Halle established The Halle Foundation, which promotes transatlantic relations between the people of Germany and the United States.

He was heavily involved with numerous boards and societies. In 2001 he was honored as the Georgia Philanthropist of the Year.

The Halle Institute[edit]

Claus Halle established The Halle Institute for Global Learning in 1997 at Emory University.[2] Marion Creekmore served as the institute’s first director from 1997-2001. Creekmore is a former Ambassador to Sri Lanka and currently a professor at Emory.[3]

Emory faculty and staff can participate in the Halle Study Trip Program which visits Germany and India, two countries influential to Halle. The Halle Institute sponsors research on topics of global importance.[4] The institute historically focused on programs relevant to East Asia, South and Central Asia, and Europe.


The Halle Institute hosts numerous programs throughout the year.

Halle Speaker Series[edit]

Since 2005, the Halle Speaker Series has brought international speakers to Atlanta for seminars and panel discussions that focus on current events. Some of the most prominent speakers include Ambassador to India Nirupama Rao, Al-Jazeera Washington Bureau Chief Abderrahim Foukara, and Le Monde cartoonist Jean Plantu.[5]

China Speaker Series[edit]

Launched in 2012, the Chinese Speaker Series discusses China’s political history and its rise as a world power. This series is a collaboration with the China Research Center and The Carter Center China Program.[6]

Sheth Lecture in Indian Studies[edit]

The Sheth Lecture in Indian Studies seeks to raise cultural awareness of India and South Asia and serve the Indian community in Atlanta and the Southeast. The annual series was established by the Sheth Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the understanding of Indian cultures in the Southeast.[7][8]

Turkish Lecture Series[edit]

The Turkish Lecture Series brings scholars of Ottoman and Turkish studies to discuss Turkish current events and specific issues. Notable speakers have included Ambassadors Namik Tan and Nabi Sensoy.[9]

India Summit[edit]

The India Summit brings together experts from different fields to discuss the economy, culture, and politics of India. Notable speakers have included Indian Ambassador to the United States Nirumpama Rao and author Salman Rushdie.[10]

Halle Study Trips[edit]

The Halle Institute supports international study trips for faculty and students. Halle Study Trips have taken students and faculty to Germany, Belgium, India, South Korea, and China.

Halle Distinguished Fellows[edit]

Halle Distinguished Fellows are influential public figures and scholars from a range of fields. Fellows are invited to give public lectures and participate in seminars at Emory.[11] Some notable Halle Distinguished Fellows include:

Additional Programs[edit]

The Halle Institute also supports Cartooning for Peace and Health, and research programs. Research events and conferences have covered topics ranging from medical breakthroughs to global history.[12]