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Spiel, also known as Kimm Antell, is a woman who currently lives in Central Texas.

She is a dedicated member of fandom, chairing ArmadilloCon 26 and ArmadilloCon 28, and also a big part of the committee that hosted World Fantasy 2006 in Austin, TX.

Kimm also enjoys genealogy and Texas history. She has even opened a store called Heroes of Texas ( to help encourage other lovers of Texas history to declare their Texas roots from the rooftops. She has also added the article about Henry Wax Karnes on Wikipedia. She is the 4th great-grandniece of Henry and considers herself to be the head researcher on him and his life and events. Occasionally she will update other articles on wikipedia that mention things that Henry (and sometimes Deaf Smith) have participated in.

Kimm also has another alter-ego in the city of Austin called Astros Kimm. She is a die-hard Houston Astros and Texas Longhorns fan.

Kimm works at IF marketing & advertising, an internet marketing firm in Georgetown, TX run by former NFL greats Tony Boselli, Jeff Novak and Will Furrer.

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