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Spinal (Spinal83 on Wikipedia) is a nickname that I, Sander de Jong, have used for many years. I used to be known on Wikipedia as ZanderZ, short for Zander Zoftware. I also use the name Ugoku but prefer to be known as Spinal on Wikipedia.

I was born and raised in Groningen in the Netherlands. I studied Chemistry at the University of Groningen and did my Bachelor and Master research in the group of Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa. In 2010 I did an internship at Rutgers University in Piscataway/New Brunswick, New Jersey. Since 2020 I live in Eelde.

I made my first contribution to the English Wikipedia at July 9, 2004. Shortly after, I registered. I'm also registered at the Dutch Wikipedia, and Commons where I am much more active than here. I usually use the English Wikipedia to look stuff up, and the Dutch Wikipedia to write and edit articles.

Some pages I started are: