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This user page is for Spinality: Trevor Hanson.

Trevor on the mountainside (2007)
Trevor is less hirsute today
The view from my window

Brief bio[edit]

  • 30+ years as a software nerd.
  • At National CSS in the 70s (among other positions).
  • Have had my own consulting/technology firm since 1980: Hanson-Smith, Ltd.
  • Innumerable projects for large and small firms, primarily in software and information service sectors – from building operating systems to writing business plans. (Past work also addressed content, editing, and publication of certain ACM journals.)
  • Eclectic range of personal interests and experience.
  • Currently living on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, USA.
  • A frustrated guitarist.
  • Born in U.K.; dual national (U.K./U.S.).
  • Attended University of Chicago.

Areas of interest/expertise relevant to Wikipedia: much writing/editing in a professional capacity; some knowledge of computer systems, computer science, philosophy of science, music, aviation, botany, Morgan motorcars, nautical matters.