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I am a businessman with journalistic and publishing background based in Spain. My life was mainly spent in London and my mother was of Spanish nationality. My father was of Maltese origins. I am interested in causes like prevention of cruelty to animals and the establishment of equal rights to animals with a strong conviction that life is precious at all levels and should never be extinguished other than in very extreme cases. I would love to create a foundation pro vita with annual awards for papers or public contribution towards the cause.

My journalistic career continues on a general basis but has ceased to be professional with my writings representing the inclination to contribute towards matters of personal interest rather than commercial.

I speak and write English and Spanish fluently with an intimate knowledge of both cultures that enables me to write about both in the two languages. I also speak French very slowly, but can read it without problems except for the odd word here or there which I go to the dictionary for. I have recently had a book published on the culture of Southern Spain called Al Andalus - a trail of Discovery which is available from most bookstores and from Amazon.

I endeavour to expand on the above (which is my sole contribution to this people´s encyclopaedia - all else about me has been written by others) having been literally blasted to smithereens by unknown contenders to better knowledge about myself. My so called obsession with my descent from Moctezuma, the last emperor of Mexico stems from family oral tradition, with the exception that both my grandmother and my mother spoke of a viceroy and king of South America which I assumed was Cuba where my Morejon ancestors had established very large tobacco plantations. It was only by accident and my membership of the modern Order of Knights Templar that the Grand Master, allowed me access to documents that showed the chivalric line of my ancestors which then led me to the Moctezuma family a member of which and of my own line,was the founder of the Civil Guard movement in Spain. The Duke of Ahumada. His father, the lst.Duke of Ahumada, Marquis of Las Amarillas and Marquis of Moctezuma through Princess Bernarda, sixth grandaughter of the last emperor, was the father of Andres Morejon from whom my grandmother Gertrudis Morejon Garcia descends. There is a possibility in view of present controversy over the Ducado de Ahumada descent, that the present line has gone off course and that ours is the main branch with all the titles it contains. All documents of birth and marriages from Andres, the second son (first one by the same name died very young) of the Ist. Duke are readily available at the Malaga Cathedral archives. The lines of Moctezuma are well written up and the members of lines are all well documented figures. One of the palaces of the family is now the Instituto Moctezuma in Ronda - the other the Instituto Peinado and until recently had portraiture of Princess Pignatelli -nee Gertrudis Morejon (one of the founders of the present Unicaja through the Caja of Ronda and a major financial contributor) The fact that the viceroy and king imagery was utilised by my immediate family was because the Ist.Duke was also the Viceroy of Navarra and Head of the armed forces of Spain. I have been corrected with respect to the published images of the last Emperor in so far as these are considered fanciful.I disagree in view of very early portraits which show a similarity between them that defines the nose and features. These are suprisingly close to mine, which anybody on close analisis can easily detect and it is because of this that I ventured to say that in most respects I had inherited the features and build. Most members of the Spanish nobility which inherited the genes, demonstrate features which are clear indication of a common source. I was asked about this without knowledge of my ancestry by at least two members of the Contreras and Osuna family. The late Duchess of Medina Sidonia whose lines go in every noble direction, expressed surprise at our first meeting. The Duchess of Osuna was at one point a disturbing facial copy of my own mother, Isabel Morejon. I am naturally not only proud of my ancestors on my mother´s side but also of those of my father whose noble family members played important parts in the development of modern Malta. It has given the country leaders over various generations. The Mifsud family was also incorporated heraldically into the Spanish armoury and quartered meaningfully with state pennants through its contribution to the social development of the country via what is called the foundation of the "Cumulo de Caridad". As a result the Mifsud name was added to the dictionary of Spanish surnames, from where I picked up the unusual information.

--Spiralmif (talk) 23:31, 12 March 2009 (UTC)