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It seemed weird to see my name link in red all the time, so I created this page.

I have always been interested in automobiles, especially automotive history, and that led to an interest in the Gran Turismo series of video games, and PlayStation and PS2. I was also an avid cyclist for many years, and retain an interest in bicycles and would like to, once again, become more active in cycling.

However, I can't devote large amounts of time to wikipedia support.

There is, of course(?) a little bit of stuff on my user talk page.

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I've been a GT addict since GT1, and have "completed" GT1 many times. I feel the GT1 simulation mode is the most well-balanced game of the lot. I got 100% in GT2, and did a lot of fun racing in that game after that. I held off on getting a PS2 until the price drop, but after I did, I got 100% on GT3 once, feeling so exhausted by the process that I actually locked the PS2 away for several weeks. But that still didn't prepare me for GT4. Lacking some inherent skills, I never got 100%, and the game, always time-consuming, got to the point where it was depressing. So I've now gone back to GT2. The physics model in GT2 seems closer to that of GT4 than the one in GT3. Anyway, GT1 physics seemed too simplistic, and doing a "game" would be somewhat predictable no matter how I tried to vary it. So I've come to the same conclusion as some other people, that GT2 has the most replayability and rewarding depth. My aim in my current running of the game is to end up with a garage of 99 cars (100 is the limit) capable of fairly (i.e. meeting the moral constraints of each race) winning all the events. (There are 88 cars needed for the 90 manufacturer's races, so that's a constraint). In fact a family crisis stopped progress on that game, and has ended nearly all of my GT playing. In addition, when I do find time to play, I notice the aging process making it more difficult for me manage things (lap times, consistency, etc) which had been easy for me before. That is, I seem unable to play GT even up to my own previous level of mediocrity.