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Pretty much I edit articles that interest me. Usually, in regards to the genre of albums I will try to find some proof of what genre it is. I guess you could say I'm a nit pick at genres. Yet, I believe the only way to do things properly is to source such subjective input; namely genres of music and races of people.

Another topic that interests me is the different races/ethnicities of people listed in Wikipedia. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of articles listing Hispanic soccer players as particular races. Yet, they are extremely subjective due to the fact that the Wikipedia editors do not offer any source or proof to why that person qualifies as a specific race/ethnicity. Currently, I have been observing the National Mexican Football Team in order to make sure that nobody continues the b.s. I just don't want to see people putting down un-sourced/extremely subjective crap; for example: Carlos Vela in the "Mexicans of Spanish descent" category. This is extremely subjective as there is no evidence or proof. The only thing people go based on is the way the person looks. Yet that is extremely subjective.

Personally, I wish we could make a "Mexicans of Mestizo descent" category, yet I am unsure how to do so. Also, finding proof on certain people being mestizo or not would be a very difficult task in itself. My greatest goal would be to create the "Latinos of Mestizo descent" category. I would like to do this considering there are the "Latinos of African descent", and the "Latinos of Spanish descent" categories. I mean, common mestizo latinos are the second largest race in Latin America; comprising ~25% of Latin America, yet there is no category for them on Wikipidia. Albeit, we have a wikipidia article for mestizos, yet I never see people listed under a "Latinos of Mestizo descent" category. If somebody has an idea, I'd be more than happy to listen to your idea. Thanks.


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