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Wiki history[edit]

I made my first edits in 2005 and became highly active in late 2006. Most of my work was reverting vandalism using a script to monitor recent changes, or sourcing articles using databases like LexisNexis. In 2007, I became an administrator (verify, RfA, logs). (By the way, I wish all admins would include such links on their user page because I often want to read their RfAs, and it is quite tedious to find it manually.)

I became much less active after upgrading my system so that for some reason that my script no longer works and losing access to LexisNexis. LexisNexis is a great tool and I urge anyone who has such access to consider using it more extensively in their Wikipedia activities. I was able to save and strengthen many articles by researching that way instead of typical Internet searching.

I edit only sparingly now, pretty much just when I come across something to improve while reading an article.

What's a SpuriousQ?[edit]

I write this down for the curious and before I forget myself.

I was in the university lab doing some compilers project with my friend. We'd alternate between working and browsing Wikipedia. At one point we arrived at an article about a professor whose selected bibliography was missing something, so I added it in my first ever edit. It was an anon edit.

Back to our project, we were stuck tracking down some nasty bug. Finally we discovered the cause: in one of our input files, there was, randomly, off by itself many columns away, the lone character q.

"It's a spurious q," one of us remarked, as we deleted our mysterious visitor. And on we continued.

Next time I wanted to make an edit, I decided to register an account. Obviously, this is what came to mind.

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Random stuff I always have to look up[edit]

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Interesting things I've come across[edit]