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With my son, summer 2015

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Richard Weiss, 53, English, live in a Spanish speaking household in the north of Honduras, have lived round these parts for the last 12 years, apart from 3 months working in Mumbai in 2011. SqueakBox public page in facebook and SqueakBox in twitter give a personal persepctive on my editing here.

Thoughts on wikipedia

Perhaps a white 1st world young male bias we see is everyone wanting to produce quality text, and what we have as a result is a massively underillustrated wikipedia where the same concepts are often repeated time and again. Overwordiness is also a huge problem. We should treat our adult and child consumers as intelligent people who dont need the most basic things repeated again and again. X did this. X then did that. X went to Y. Y is Z and A. It should be X did this and that and went to Y, which is A and Z. We owe it to our readers not to fill their minds full of our waffling overwordiness, it will anyway turn them off and they'll go and read something else instead

We should not forget that wikipedia does not own any content here, it merely facilitates the editing of open source content. In my opinion especially with the bloated and massively duplicating English wikipedia that automated editing will take over from human editing for a great deal of edits because they will do a better job and that the wikipedia foundation wont be able to prevent this because they don't own the content. At the moment the only edge they have is that they can produce better content than others, but only by paying the servers and apps that allow us to edit and organize that editing. One of the main problems with wikpedia is that the text isnt formatted well for mass editing. Its been designed solely for human editors with perhaps tools no more sophisticated than Ctrl F, typically found in a web browser.


61,000+ edits on this wikipedia. I was originally User:Squiqui fox Squiqui fox contribs and then User:Squiquifox, Squiquifox contribs I have a little over 2000 edits on es.wikipedia and some on fr.wikipedia and pt.wikipedia, and am interested in coverage of and interwiking between these 4 languages. As well as using a text editor I write strings for grep in my editing work here. While a large focus is on translating out of English there is often a huge amount of preparation needs to happen to the English article being translated.


I was involved with TV Genius for a number of years but am not any more so have no conflict of interest in editing that or related articles. Roberto Weiss is my grandfather though I do not believe that in any way affects my editing of that article.

These websites of mine are not spammed into wikipedia.

Articles to translate into Spanish



Whereas abiogenesis proposes that one cell replicated into two, starting all this, sexual reproduction proposes the opposite, that two cells merge into one. This to me has echoes of certain theories of the origins of eukaryotes, where two different prokaryotes merged in a single act so that the offspring produced by this merge contained a genetic recombination of the two parent cells. This is reminiscent of how two gametes merge into one cell and genetically recombine through meiosis before reverting back to the more normal, asexual mitosis. We dont actually know whether sexual reproduction, which only occurs in eukaryotes, started at the same time as eukaryotes or some time afterwards.

The use of love darts by the land snail Monachoides vicinus is a form of sexual selection

I personally think that in sexually reproducing eukaryotes that natural selection should be seen as a mode of sexual selection and not the other way around. The main drive of speciation to my mind has been mate choice, it has allowed DNA a way to check its own work. If efficiency were the goal, as many a conservative, prudish biologist has liked to suggest, why no better ways of photosynthesis. Its also hard to see why cells would unite into a multicellular organism for the sake of survival yet perectly explicable as being sexy. And sexy is a fitness indicator. of course natural selection is important as, in spite of the handicap principle, you need honed survival skills in order to be fit and hence sexy.