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With my son, summer 2015

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Richard Weiss, 53, English, live in a Spanish speaking household in Spain. Was in the north of Honduras for 13 years, apart from 3 months working in Mumbai in 2011. I was SqueakBox. SqueakBox public page in facebook and RichardWeiss in twitter give a personal perspective on my editing here.

Thoughts on wikipedia

I called myself User:SqueakBox for many years after my 2 dogs Squeak (black) and Box. This photo was taken in 2005. Memorias preciosas, RIP.
Me at the same time and place as above photo, in La Ceiba and still fresh in Honduras, with one of Squeak's puppies. This is one of my favourite photos of myself, feels like it's from another era.

Perhaps a white 1st world young male bias we see is everyone wanting to produce quality text, and what we have as a result is a massively underillustrated wikipedia where the same concepts are often repeated time and again. Overwordiness is also a huge problem. We should treat our adult and child consumers as intelligent people who dont need the most basic things repeated again and again. X did this. X then did that. X went to Y. Y is Z and A. It should be X did this and that and went to Y, which is A and Z. We owe it to our readers not to fill their minds full of our waffling overwordiness, it will anyway turn them off and they'll go and read something else instead

We should not forget that wikipedia does not own any content here, it merely facilitates the editing of open source content. In my opinion especially with the bloated and massively duplicating English wikipedia that automated editing will take over from human editing for a great deal of edits because they will do a better job and that the wikipedia foundation wont be able to prevent this because they don't own the content. At the moment the only edge they have is that they can produce better content than others, but only by paying the servers and apps that allow us to edit and organize that editing. One of the main problems with wikpedia is that the text isnt formatted well for mass editing. Its been designed solely for human editors with perhaps tools no more sophisticated than Ctrl F, typically found in a web browser.

To do

  • Improve image coverage
  • Taxa structures working downwards
  • Better coverage of sexual selection
  • Better coverage of Stephen Jay Gould's ideas
  • Better coverage of Ronald Fisher
  • Translate article into and lists into Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Translate into English

Articles translated into English

Articles to translate into Spanish