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Thanks you for popping by to give me a Barnstar! That is much appre — oh, you are here to complain about an edit. Bugger.

About me

Matteo P. Ferla (Google Scholar page) In a nutshell: Curious, creative and easily distracted molecular biologist who without planning has worked in wide range of fields in Molecular Biology, but interested in applied side of things.


I have several watched articles, but these are some I have either started or given a large push and either abbandoned or still watch.

Cool molecular biology facts

A list of interesting pages, might make some thing useful one day with it..

Other cool pages
Failed template

Some pages, such as this one have lots of post, and it requires some work to see what has been answered or acknowledged. therefore I have helped make the {{Unanswered}} template that can be put above a section allowing one to quickly glimpse what has been answered. If you were waiting for an answer but never got one as the post in somewhere in the middle tag it! please voice any queries or comments in the talk page ofTemplate:Unanswered (links, talk) and not here. Cheers --Squidonius (talk) 15:12, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

Junk yard

Code for templates to display parameters if they are there {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{!}} [{{{1|}}} {{{2|}}}]}} This article has had a Cleanup tag for a lengthy amount of time and no discussion is present discussion what is requested for the tag. which is just a general tag more precise tags can be found here [1].
It may be due to bad grammar {{grammar}}
It may be due too long {{verylong}}
It may be due to bad information {{Expert-verify}}
It may be due to old content {{update}}
It may be due to confusing content {{cleanup-confusing}}
It may need to be wikified {{wikify}}

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Updated DYK query On October 24, 2009, Did you know? was updated with a fact from the article Expanded genetic code, which you created or substantially expanded.

Deleted to be re-written properly!


I am still a member of wikiproject MCB but I am quite tired of it after worrying about protocols and how-tos. I am concentrating in one or two accademic hobbies of mine, mainly the evolution of letter-forms, which is under-represented
Here is a list of stuff I want to edit if I have time.

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thanks for dropping by!

Coding for the user page was stolen from User:ClockworkSoul (creator of Igor)
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